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Synthetic Chemistry

Synthetic Chemistry

Syngene’s Synthetic Chemistry division offers a broad spectrum of services in diverse areas of chemistry. Our team of highly accomplished scientists, in collaboration with our clients, work towards meeting the objective of client’s project using the most efficient route for synthesis. Our scientists have expertise in key areas of chemistry; such as asymmetric synthesis, organometallic chemistry, library synthesis, natural product analogs, peptides, nucleosides, carbohydrate chemistry etc. Our team delivers time-sensitive, cost-effective, process friendly solutions to our customers.


  • Successful completion of a large number of diverse projects from many clients from varied (Pharma/Agro/Biotech/Electronic) industry around the globe over the past two decades.
  • State-of–the-art facilities coupled with fully integrated automated purification capabilities.
  • Expertise:A dedicated custom synthesis group comprising over 100 scientists and more than a dozen PhDs to support the Fee-For-Service (FFS) model that comfortably accommodates stringent timelines and delivery of quality products.
  • Highly responsive to modifications in overall synthetic strategy.
  • Scientists trained to use client provided electronic note books thereby providing client access to the progress of the project on real time basis.
  • Effective and proactive communication, detailed updates provided to partner scientists at client’s site using multiple channels (email, teleconference and video conferences).

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