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Pharmacogenic Target Analysis & Safety Assesment


Technology led, expertise driven - Syngene target reports combine the best in computational target profiling with over 300 years of cumulative scientific expertise to deliver target reports that are comprehensive, insightful and accurate. Syngene target reports provide you all the information you need on the potential toxicological risks and challenges associated with modulating your drug targets, enabling you to make better decisions, faster.



Comprehensive Target Profile Dossier (~300-400 pages, 1-2 months for delivery)

Target Safety Assessment (~15-30 pages, 1-2 weeks for delivery)

Rationale and functional role of the protein

Expression of protein

Signaling pathways

Protein domains; Epitope mapping

Sequence analysis: Orthologs/Paralogs

PoC (In- vitro/in-vivo/ex-vivo)

Competitor molecule profile (Preclinical & Clinical)

Gene Summary

Alternative transcripts; Protein isoforms

Polymorphisms; Other genetic alterations

Target validation assays: (Biochemical/ Cell Based/ Animal models)

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