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Complimentary techniques for determining Relative response factor of non- isolated impurities
Understanding the concept behind determining UV RRF of non-isolated impurities using High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
19th Mar, 2021
Development of degraders: A Medicinal Chemistry perspective
Key considerations for developing protein degraders from a medicinal chemistry perspective regardless of the mechanism of modulation.
4th Mar, 2021
Dedicated R&D Centres - The Next Step In The Pharma Outsourcing Model
Syngene’s Dedicated R&D Centre is a unique business model where we set up a dedicated ring-fenced infrastructure with an exclusive team of scientific talent to support client projects.
22nd Sep, 2020
Syngene’s Supply Chain Management Improves Efficiency
Syngene's SCM team manages more than 1,000 vendors and 20,000 item codes in the SAP ERP system, enabling easy access and order placement.
22nd Sep, 2020
Syngene Viral Testing Facility - Striving for Excellence
Syngene, is India’s first and only GLP-certified service provider for Viral Clearance and Safety Testing. Our laboratories are per the OECD rules covering countries such as USA and Japan.
22nd Sep, 2020