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We have acquired StrandSysBio, Sarchitect Designer and Sarchitect Miner computing and data mining platforms from Strand Life Sciences along with software development capabilities allowing us to provide customized computing solutions and services in the areas of Systems Biology, ADMET and DMPK.

StrandSysbio: StrandSysBio is an interactive modeling and simulation-computing platform for developing dynamic models of biological systems. It allows the translation of biology into mathematical Models, the simulation of disease evolution, clinical protocols and therapeutic regimens. A scientist can analyse a model in a dynamic and steady state mode, gain Insights into model behavior and create a context-specific knowledgebases.

Sarchitect Designer: Sarchitect Designer is a computing platform for cheminformaticians and data scientists. It includes powerful algorithms for building models, assessing confidence in model predictions and model domain applicability. Several algorithms including baysean methods, neural networks, support vector machines, decision trees and forests among others are available to build regressions and classifiers. In addition, powerful data visualizations structure exploration including similarity and substructure searches are provided.

Sarchitect Miner: Sarchitect Miner is a computing platform for medicinal chemists & DMPK scientists. It comes pre-packaged with 7 ADME and 4 Tox prebuilt models. In addition, it allows the deployment of pre-built and custom models, profiling & scoring of molecules and in silico Lead Optimization.

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