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Systems Biology & Pharmacometrics

Systems Biology and Quantitative Pharmacology

Systems Biology & Pharmacometrics

We provide systems modeling services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. There are several situations where modeling provides the right way to integrate disparate sources of data. Our Pharmacometrics support your business in making the correct decision when it comes to toxicology, disease models, systems biology and quantitative pharmacology. Some examples are:


Customized models for organs, tissues and animal species of toxicological significance to address very specific questions. The models seamlessly integrate sub-cellular organelles and pathways with cellular, tissue, organ and the organism level data to provide meaningful simulations and outputs. Typical simulation outputs are major cellular derangements such as cell death, status of cellular respiration, redox status and phenotypic changes such as necrosis and fibrosis.

Disease models

Disease models assist in understanding disease evolution and the impact of therapeutic interventions on the disease course. These models can overlay pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs and the impact of drug formulation and delivery on therapeutic efficacy. Individual factors that may modulate a disease process can be incorporated in the model such as the role of transporter polymorphisms and pregnancy on bile metabolism. The effect of the environment and diet can also be overlaid. Disease models can be used to run virtual clinical trials. This assists in making decisions on the choice of drug doses, dosing regimen, route of administration, duration of therapy, choice of combinations of multiple drugs and drug-drug interactions.

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