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Target Safety Assessment & Target Analysis 360°

Comprehensive profiling and characterization of your drug targets

Technology-led, expertise-driven analysis of pharmacogenomic data can save time and money by helping you shortlist target candidates for your drug discovery programs and by uncovering bias towards specific modalities.

Make better decisions, faster

Syngene's advanced bioinformatics capabilities create comprehensive target profiles, covering pathway/network, sequence & structure, expression profile, patient stratification, safety profile, and competitor landscape.  Our target reports combine the best in computational target profiling, AI and automation with scientific expertise to deliver insightful reports that enable you to make better decisions, faster. 

Save time and reduce costs with our broad range of target diligence and profiling services

Syngene offers a comprehensive 360° Target Analysis (TA 360°) and Target Safety Assessment (TSA) reports that are fully modular and customizable according to your specific needs. We help you identify, select and prioritize potential targets quickly and cost effectively, eliminating wasted effort and resources further down the drug discovery pipeline

Why Syngene target reports?

Comprehensive pharmacogenomic target analysis covering a broad range of topics

Customized engagement models and flexible turnaround times

We offer completely modular target profiling services which can be customized according to your requirements. Our experienced team, enhanced through the best in artificial intelligence and automated information retrieval technologies, ensure that you get the right information at the right time.

Target Analysis 360° (TA 360°)

Comprehensive coverage and analysis of the target to elucidate its role in disease and its clinical relevance to make informed decisions in the early discovery phase

Target safety assessment (TSA) reports

Focused analysis to evaluate and provide the potential adverse consequences of modulating a target and risk mitigation strategies to assists program advancement

The journey from engagement to sign-off


The following sample reports are available for download in pdf format:

  Sample Target Analysis 360° report

  Sample Target Safety Assessment report

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