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    • SynVent Integrated Drug Discovery
      • SynVent Integrated Drug Discovery

        SynVent is Syngene’s platform for fully integrated therapeutic discovery and development across large and small molecules. 

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      • Dedicated Centers

        Our Dedicated Centers offer dedicated multi-disciplinary scientific teams, support personnel, and a tailormade ring-fenced and fire-walled infrastructure as per client specifications to support their  R&D  goals

    • Center for Advanced Protein Studies (CAPS)
      • Center for Advanced Protein Studies (CAPS)

        Centre for Advanced Protein Studies [CAPS] is a state-of-the-art advanced national facility located in the Syngene campus, Bangalore.

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Performance and Specialty Materials (PSM)

Providing customized and scalable development of specialty materials

Syngene’s performance and specialty materials (PSM) division focuses on the science and engineering aspects of polymeric materials and small molecules. The team synthesizes and enhances the properties of compounds in areas such as biopolymers, specialty polymers, highly active monomers, and performance chemicals. 


Our team of scientists and engineers deliver customized solutions to clients, from just a few grams to tons, using various techniques of polymerization, chemical synthesis, and formulations. Syngene has proven expertise in conducting efficient design, synthesis, process development, process simulation, modeling, and scale-up of specialized chemicals, nanomaterials, and polymers.


Our services range from design, synthesis, purification, and concept to commercialization of various monomers, specialty polymers, high-performance polymers, nanomaterials, and performance chemicals. 

We also offer various advanced techniques of process chemistry and polymerization as a service, such as anionic polymerization, cationic polymerization, classical free radical polymerization, condensation polymerization, ring-opening polymerization (ROP), chemical modification, epoxidation, and hydrogenation of polymers. In terms of controlled-radical polymerization, we offer atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT), and nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization (NMP) methods. 

Our team also performs functionalization chemistry and advanced material characterization services. We offer customized production and supply for a wide range of volumes, from a few grams to many tons, according to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and non-GMP standards. We also offer process development and scale-up services for polymeric materials and small molecules.


At Syngene, we handle production at various scales, including scaling up of compounds, depending on client requirements. Our highly-equipped laboratories, and advanced facilities for analytics and manufacturing, that include inert atmospheres or Schlenk – Vacuum line dedicated experimental platforms, help our scientists work on our wide range of offerings. 

Our facilities can support solution and bulk polymerization, high-pressure reactions, hydrogenation, and epoxidation of various polymers. The facilities are also well-equipped for GMP and technical grade standards of material supplies at various scales.

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