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Antibody Production & Purification

Syngene is the preferred antibody production partner for our clients who leverage our scientific expertise and flexibility for high quality antibody production. Syngene’s tailored facilities and experienced scientists offer small and large scale monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production and purification services. Syngene also offers hybridoma generation and screening services.


  • Generation of polyclonal antibodies – New Zealand White Rabbit standard or custom protocols
  • Variety of antigens (bacterial, fusion proteins & synthetic peptides)
  • Purification using affinity matrices (Protein A & Protein G)


  • Conjugation for immunization
  • Immunization of mice/rat
  • Animal care & handling
  • Titer determination
  • Hybridoma generation and screening by ELISA and BIAcore
  • Screening for biological attributes (such as neutralization, internalization etc.)
  • Subcloning and isotyping of selected clones
  • Purification and analysis of monoclonal antibodies
  • Cryopreservation of cell lines

Recombinant mAbs

  • Cloning of antibody genes from hybridoma and generation of high-expressing plasmid constructs
  • Transient transfections (in HEK293) and/ or stable cell line generation (in CHO-based expression systems)
  • Production from small scale to large scale bioreactor cultures
  • Purification of antibodies
  • Analytical/ biochemical characterization by various methods including Surface Plasmon Resonance (BIAcore)
  • Cell banking and quality control