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Recombinant DNA Technology & Engineering

Molecular Biology

Recombinant DNA Technology & Engineering

Molecular Biology at Syngene provides a wide range of services in the area of recombinant DNA technology, library construction and screening, strain engineering and gene expression analysis.

Recombinant DNA Engineering

We provide Recombinant DNA engineering services in the following areas:

  • Gene Cloning & Vector Construction

Gene cloning by various methods such as High Throughput Recombination based Cloning - Gateway Technology, De Novo Cloning (PCR / Degenerate PCR/RT-PCR/Homology based PCR, etc.), Synthetic genes, Oligo – Linker Cloning, Sub-cloning and RACE In addition to gene cloning, vector construction can also be carried out for generating tailor made vectors for specific purposes.

  • Mutagenesis

Types of mutations which we do are Point mutation, Insertion, Deletion or Replacement. Each mutagenesis is customized to meet specific client requirements such as Random Mutagenesis (Error prone PCR) and Site-directed mutagenesis (Dpn I restriction enzyme based, Splicing by Overlapping Extension (SOE) PCR and Megaprimer based).

  • Genome Walking

We have expertise in carrying out genome walking to identify unknown sequences flanking the known gene sequences such as Conventional (Bacterial/Phage Library screening) and PCR based methods.

Gene Library Construction & Screening

We provide the following gene library construction and screening services based on client requirements/ specification.

  • Library Construction

We have expertise in gDNA libraries, cDNA libraries, BAC libraries, Phage libraries and Cosmid.

  • Screening

We provide radioactive hybridization and functional activity.

Strain Engineering

We have experience in engineering bacterial and yeast host strains for the improved production of recombinant products and to introduce new catabolic activities.

  • Strain modification methods

 We provide site directed mutagenesis, gene knock out and insertional inactivation.

  • Analysis of engineered strains

We have expertise in molecular methods, microbiological methods and productivity analysis.

Gene Expression Analysis

Expression of a gene at the transcriptional and translational levels in a particular host system is very important in studying the functional gene product. Scientists at Syngene routinely carry out the following gene expression analysis:

  • Reporter gene assay
  • Northern blotting
  • Real Time PCR
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Western blotting
  • Mass spectrometry

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