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Library Synthesis

Syngene provides library design and synthesis services with a proven track record of delivering library sets independently or in collaboration with clients in Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Animal Health and allied industries.

Library Process Flow Chart:

Library Process

  • More than 10 years of experience in library synthesis projects.
  • Delivered hundreds of libraries with varying library size from 50 to 3000 compounds to various clients.
  • Clients includes large pharmaceutical majors, small and medium sized biotech’s and agrochemicals
  • Specialized and fully dedicated team with extensive experience in library synthesis and compound management.
  • Ably supported by a team for rapid synthesis of scaffolds.
  • Expertise in both solid phase and solution phase synthesis.
  • Experience in handling broad class of reactions for the library production.
  • Flexible and capable to incorporate changes in the original design to meet deliverables.
  • Fully integrated high throughput purification using mass guided HPLC followed by high throughput LCMS analysis
  • Supported by automation like Solvent evaporators (Genevac’s), Liquid Handlers, Automated weighing Balance, Heater shakers for heating reactions etc.
  • Compound registration and processing support to meet client’s requirement.

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