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Stability Studies

Stability Studies

Syngene offers analytical services for both small and large molecules for discovery and development processes across pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals and other products using a variety of spectroscopic, chromatographic and physiochemical techniques.

All the services can be provided as per GMP/ GLP compliant studies as per clients’ requirements. Syngene specializes in:

  • Developing high throughput analytical methods for mid and large-scale combi-chem library molecules
  • Semi-preparatory and preparatory purification, impurity isolation, structural elucidation and characterization

In addition, we can also support method development, method transfer, method validation, characterization studies, in-process, lot release and stability analysis. The work can be carried out in support of R&D or custom synthesis projects or as stand-alone services. There are separate labs for research-level analytical development/characterization and for fully-compliant GMP/GLP analytical work.

Analytical methods for product testing or stability testing can be developed and validated in-house or transferred in from the client and validated in-house. Validated methods can also be transferred in and verified through formal protocols.

  • method-development
    Method Development/Validation
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  • structural-elucidation
    Structural Elucidation
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  • RWSQ
    Reference & Working Standards Qualification
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  • Characterization_compounds
    Characterization of Compounds
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  • Identification_Characterization_Impurities
    Identification & Characterization of Impurities
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  • _45A8493_chiral
    Prep HPLC/Chiral Purification
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  • RSA
    Residual Solvent
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  • method-verification
    Method Verifications/Transfer
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  • stability_studies
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  • phys-chem-studies
    Phys-chem Studies/5 Batch Analysis
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