End-to-end Development capabilities in one campus!

For most biopharma companies, the top three considerations when choosing a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for outsourcing drug development activities are scientific expertise, equipment/capacity, and how well the organization manages partnerships and expectations. However, a fourth parameter has assumed significance in recent times. A partner ecosystem that is self-sufficient and can sustain even during a pandemic, i.e., End-to-end development capabilities all in one campus!

Syngene is among the few CDMOs equipped with co-localized capabilities across the drug discovery, development, and manufacturing continuum, all in one campus. This has resulted in significant cost-efficiencies, besides accelerating drug development timelines for our clients. The reasons are not far to seek. Co-location has helped Syngene manage projects centrally, unhindered by logistical/shipping delays or dependencies on third-party deliverables.

Currently, we are the preferred partner to 400+ global organizations with 400+ patents where we have been recognized as co-innovators by our clients. We have the capability and experience to build a customized journey path to take your molecule from early discovery all the way to commercial manufacturing in the shortest possible time.

The Syngene advantage

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Insights and Resources

Syngene Chemical Development

Syngene has full value-chain Process Research and Development (PRD) capabilities for NCEs and advanced intermediates.

Syngene Clinical Development

Syngene supports early-phase to late-phase clinical trials required for drug development programs across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Syngene Formulation Development

Syngene supports both development and manufacturing of Drug Products from early to late stage.

Syngene Commercial Manufacturing

Syngene supports manufacturing of regulatory starting materials, APIs, HPAPI, NCEs and novel advanced intermediates

Case Studies

How Syngene helped Panbela achieve shorter production time for its pancreatic cancer drug

A quick, cost-effective process for large-scale compound synthesis for a leading pharma company

Take a 360° virtual tour of our labs

You can now take a 360-degree virtual tour of our facilities that enable the Drug Development journey across Chemical, Formulation, Clinical and Manufacturing. Start your tour now!

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