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Corporate Governance


We, at Syngene, strongly believe that corporate governance practices which have evolved from positive thought processes, timely reporting, transparent accounting policies and a strong and independent Board go a long way in preserving shareholders’ trust and confidence, attracting and retaining financial and human capital and maximising long-term corporate value. Stakeholders view the Company’s business operations through the ethical prism and a robust corporate governance framework, which has over the years strengthened their confidence in the Company. The corporate governance framework of the Company is guided by its core values of professionalism, integrity and excellence. The Company has rigorously abided by and has remained committed to incessantly following and adopting the best corporate governance practices.

Governance philosophy

Syngene’s governance philosophy is based on a robust foundation of ethical values and highest levels of professionalism, which the Company has effectively sustained and nurtured. Integrity, transparency, fairness, accountability and compliance with the laws are embedded in the Company’s business practices, ensuring ethical and responsible leadership at the Board as well as the Management level. This report defines the processes, controls and limits within which the Company functions.