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Syngene has considerable experience in peptide development including state-of-the-art analytical instruments for peptide purification and characterization. Our experience in Peptide development is as follows:

  • Linear peptides:  Up to 50 residues, up to g scale, purity > 95%;
  • Disulfide rich peptides (Linear and Cyclotides)
  • Library of 50 compounds (20-50 mg, >95%)
  • Branched Chain peptides
  • Cyclic peptides: Amides, Lactams, Disulfide bridge, Stapled peptides.
  • N-Terminal and C-Terminal modification
  • Phosphorylated peptides
  • PEG, Fluorescein, Biotin labeled peptides
  • Peptides linked to bifunctional chelating agents such as DOTA, DTPA and AAZTA
  • Ligation: NCL and KAHA ligation