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CAR T-cell therapies combine cellular therapy, gene therapy and immune therapy to use a patient’s own T-cells to fight cancers. It is this potential for harnessing our immune systems to fight cancer that makes CAR T-cell therapies so revolutionary and earns them the name, “living drugs”.

Syngene is contributing to this revolutionary field by helping our clients evaluate their novel medicines/molecules for their mode of action, in vivo functional efficacy and other vital characteristics.  Our end-to-end in vitro and in vivo immuno-oncology assessment platform allows fast and accurate validation of treatment approaches.

Our capabilities in supporting CAR-T cell research

  • Design of CAR constructs
  • CRISP-R gene editing
  • Primary T-cell assays
    • Human PBMCs isolation, sorting
    • Cytotox assay with co-cultured cancer cells
    • Proliferation
    • Cytokine profile
  • Virus generation for CAR delivery
    • Lentivirus packaging
    • Transduction efficiency
  • Efficacy studies in syngeneic models
  • Ex-vivo immuno-phenotyping of TILs
  • PDX and humanized mouse models
  • Preclinical evaluation
    • In vivo proliferation of effector cells: CAR expression and CFSE assay
    • Xenograft tumor growth inhibition (NOG-SCID mice)
    • Survival as endpoint
    • Whole animal imaging — Biodistribution
  • Biorepositories
    • Collaboration with multiple local and national medical centers for healthy and patients’ samples (blood, tissues)
    • Currently banking >200 healthy donor PBMC ready to use

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