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Antibody Drug Conjugates

Your one-stop solution for ADCs: Immune-oncology, PROTAC, and animal health

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) enhance the therapeutic index while minimizing off-target toxicity as compared to traditional large molecule therapies. However, ADC researchers face multiple challenges compared to traditional therapies, largely due to ADC’s molecular complexity, potential toxicity, and rapidly evolving technological landscape. Hence, they need a specialized approach customized to address these challenges.

Syngene’s ADC services overcome these challenges with a highly integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ approach underpinned by strong conceptual frameworks, experimental design, and expertise in troubleshooting. Augmented by expertise in target selection, antibody discovery, bioanalysis, and cGMP manufacturing,  we drive successful outcomes for biopharma companies working with ADCs.

Our ADC solutions extend across immune-oncology, PROTAC, and animal health.

Our end-to-end capabilities in ADCs

Our standalone and integrated services in ADCs

Our ADC track record

Activity Details
Clients served Big Pharma and start-ups
Novel Linker-payloads (lead-molecules) Consists of
• Molecules designed as part of novel Linker-payload discovery programs
• Client proprietary molecules
Standard Linker-payloads Well established platforms, known in literature
ADC molecules generated (1-10 mg scale) Multiple Linker technologies
ADC molecules generated (100 mg -1 g) Conjugation and analytical method development, accelerated stability
Integrated Discovery: Proof-of-concept to preclinical Performed several projects. Patent filed by client for these programs
In vitro functional assays (tumor-killing assays, 2D and 3D cytotoxicity assays, internalization, ADCP, cytokine release, bystander assays) In vitro functional assays established for both toxic payloads and immune stimulating payloads; tumor-killing assays (2D and 3D); profiling of ISAC ADCs
Rodent PK ADC generated at Syngene or provided by client
Standalone studies (e.g., internalization, tissue cross reactivity, species cross reactivity etc.)
Anti-drug antibody generation Against three different classes of payloads, of which one was a novel payload

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