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Computational & Data Sciences

Data to Decisions

Syngene’s computational and data sciences solutions enable informed decisions for research and development. We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists with expertise across computational biology, computational chemistry, data sciences and research informatics. We help resolve complex problems of drug discovery from target identification, hit identification to lead optimization and translational insights.


Our Services


  • We provide end-to-end solutions across the drug discovery development pipeline for all your informatics needs.
  • Our services are accessible as standalone solutions or as part of an integrated project encompassing target identification and validation, integrated drug discovery (IDD), antibody engineering and multiomics analysis. We have capabilities across discovery biology (computational biology), discovery chemistry (computational chemistry), clinical development, and safety assessment.
  • Our informatics solutions ensure all the project data is accessible in a secure manner to our collaborators to enable AI democratization and decision-making using artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery
  • Our proprietary platform solutions available for drug discovery include Syn.AITM (AI drug discovery and platform) and SarchitectTM (QSAR modelling). Both platforms are tuned for drug discovery in contrast to generic tuning capability provided by open-source platforms.

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