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Discovery Chemistry

With robust experience of over 26 years, Syngene provides integrated discovery chemistry services, including synthetic and medicinal chemistry, allowing clients to discover active drug candidates within a shorter timeframe.

Discovery chemistry at Syngene is delivered by 900+ highly qualified scientists, and extends across library synthesis, materials chemistry, peptide synthesis, ADCs and toxins, PROTACs, nucleosides and carbohydrates. Our teams work in state-of-the-art labs equipped with cutting edge technology and collectively bring deep expertise across diverse chemistry specializations and CRO environments including experience of working in international labs.

Our discovery chemistry services effectively use CADD, cheminformatics and AI for multiparametric optimization, and are backed by strong analytical chemistry support, robust IT infrastructure and ELN, as well as efficient data and compound management

Flexible delivery model for chemistry services

A flexible delivery model enables clients to work closely with our discovery chemistry teams.

Depending on requirements, clients can either choose a full-time-equivalent or a fee-for-service pricing model for synthetic chemistry services.

Clients can access our medicinal chemistry services with an emphasis on chemistry capabilities such as iterative synthesis (includes library design and computational chemistry). Alternatively, we also provide comprehensive services that are inclusive of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and biological support (includes integrated drug discovery and research).