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Disclosures under Regulation 46 of the LODR

KMP authorized for determining materiality of events/information
About Syngene
Terms and conditions of appointment of Independent Directors
Composition of committees of board of directors
Code of ethics & business conduct
Code of conduct for Independent Directors
Whistle Blower Policy
Policy on Related Party Transactions
Policy for determining 'material' subsidiaries
Familiarisation Policy and Details of Familiarisation Programme
Contact details for queries/grievance redressal
Contact details of designated officals for Investor Grievances
Financial Information
Shareholding Pattern
Analyst & Investor Meets
Quarterly Investors Call
Newspaper publications
Credit Ratings
Subsidiary Financials
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report
Policy on determination of materiality of events
Disclosures under Regulation 30
Dividend Distribution Policy
Annual Return

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