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Syngene’s Supply Chain Management Improves Efficiency

As critical as the core business are to an organisation’s success, the support functions are just as essential. In the case of organisations with global operations or dependency on
international movement of goods and services, effective supply chain management (SCM) becomes critical to the overall strategic initiatives pursued. In the ever expanding global village, organisations seek the most profitable and reliable source of goods and services, be it raw material supply or ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the finished product to the end consumer. Over the years, SCM has emerged as an important function in ensuring better management of vendors and client relationships.

Syngene’s investment in the SCM department has seen the team grow to more than 100 people specializing in various aspects in the department. The team ensures the free flow of goods and services at all times.

As a global business, Syngene sources raw materials from around the world and most of the materials are regulated substances which come with stringent stipulations. The goods need careful handling and customs documentation management. Syngene has invested in the necessary warehouse facilities and trains people in managing the paperwork.

It is worth noting that more than 95 per cent of our business originates overseas. We share documentation and product samples with our clients wherever they’re located. Just as it is with raw materials, our finished products are also strictly regulated. Today, Syngene can pick-up or deliver samples anywhere in the world in the shortest timeframe. It is made possible through our strategic partnerships with shipping organisations.

One of the critical roles at Syngene SCM team is to keep abreast of the various regulations and to manage the safe movement of goods to and from the R&D office premises. Sound knowledge of the regulatory landscape is essential for team members to manage the variety of raw materials and equipment sourced from different corners of the world, each with its own class of documentation and standards.

The SCM team prides itself on its ability to maintain a well-oiled system that keeps the cogs turning. Today, the team manages more than 1,000 vendors and 20,000 item codes in the SAP ERP system, enabling easy access and order placement. An integrated Document Management System and digital signature verification system linked to the SAP system helps reduce turnaround time (TAT) while improving efficiency. As part of process efficiency improvement, Syngene SCM team developed critical infrastructure necessary to facilitate the easy transportation of certain goods by air to Bengaluru and to the R&D offices. The investments in the project begun paying off and, more importantly, it allows us direct oversight and improves our ability to attend to emergencies without any delay.

Syngene has various departments importing and exporting product samples which need a robust packing and transportation system. There is also the constant flow of documentation across borders, some of them highly time sensitive. Syngene’s long-term strategic business partnerships with leading shipping and forwarding organisations enables us to ensure tamper-proof transport and live tracking of the shipment, giving us the necessary oversight. Today, Syngene’s standard average for air courier movement for delivery and/or pick-up has dropped from 7-8 days to 4-5 business days.

Having customs officers based within Syngene premises enables faster truck movement as they’re no longer held back at the sea ports or airports or state borders for clearance. The necessary clearance process is undertaken within the premises.

The above achievements are made possible by the competent SCM team. Their ability to understand the finer points of the various regulations and find their way through the labyrinth is laudable. The SCM team always looks out to gain an extra bit of efficiency and remains committed to delivering excellence across the organisation.

Please write to suppliers@syngeneintl.com : To know more on Syngene’s Supply Chain Management System and its Operations.


Anand Poojary

General Manager Supply Chain Management, Syngene International Ltd.

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