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Protein Binding

Evaluating drug distribution through plasma protein binding assays

Syngene’s broad portfolio of automated protein binding assays helps in understanding the plasma protein binding characteristics of test compounds by estimating the unbound fraction of drugs in proteins. These fractional unbound values when used with pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling, help our clients better predict drug-drug interactions. Our automation driven offerings are highly efficient, cost-effective, and provide high-quality data, enabling us to deliver reproducible and accurate results with fast turnaround times.

The in vitro fraction unbound assays for plasma protein binding (PPB), assessed through rapid equilibrium dialysis (RED) and ultracentrifugation (UC) methods, are validated for plasma, microsomes, and tissue binding in mouse and rat species, and whole blood binding in mouse, rat, and human species.

Our Protein Binding assays include:

  • Plasma
  • Tissue homogenate
  • Blood
  • Furin microsomes
  • Furin (hepatocytes)

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