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Health Care

Syngene is improving the public healthcare system by driving innovation, operational efficiency and productivity. By setting up eLAJ Smart Clinics, a dedicated service in the form of specialist clinics, focusing on health promotion and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and their modifiable risk factors and more recently to partner with the government to manage COVID-19. We partner with the national institute of mental health and neurosciences (NIMHANS) to support mental health and hearing health.

eLAJ smart clinics

The provision of primary healthcare remains the backbone of health service delivery. Committed to improving the public healthcare system by optimizing technology-enabled innovation, the eLAJ smart clinic is a real-time health information system incorporated into the existing Primary Health Centers of the Government of Karnataka. With the purpose of offering preventive care, early diagnosis and treatment for patients to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, the eLAJ dashboard captures patient records to provide efficient information flow and improve operational competence and physician productivity. The smart clinics also support evidence-based care using high-quality diagnostic capabilities, which enhances the patient experience and creates a potential technology roadmap for the future. To increase the impact of the approach and inspire trust from patients, the program offers the appropriate tools for capacity-building of the personnel, including training on the use of electronic medical records and integrated diagnostics to familiarize them with digital health. Since its inception over 700,000 patients have benefited from this clinic.

In collaboration with the government, eLAJ smart clinics have been set up at 20 primary health centers across Karnataka to strengthen healthcare services and facilitate health information management.

The program also operates three smart clinics in Bangalore. With the objective of uplifting certain sections of society, these clinics provide complementary services in common cancers, women and child health, dental health, non-communicable diseases and co-morbidities. Geriatric health solutions are also provided to the elderly.

Specialist clinics

Due to the impact they have on human health and the socio-economic development of the country, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including heart and lung diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, are some of the biggest challenges for public health. According to predictions by the world health organization (WHO), one out of four Indians are the risk of death from an NCD before they reach the age of 70.

Contributing to the efforts being undertaken to combat these diseases, a dedicated program in the form of specialist clinics was rolled out in Huskuru, Hennagara and Austin Town across Bangalore. With a particular focus on health promotion and prevention of NCD’s and their associated risks, these clinics are equipped with diagnostic facilities to undertake biochemistry investigations such as cholesterol, HbA1c, creatinine and diagnose and monitor NCD’s.

The specialist clinics provide free-of-charge services in four areas:

  • NCD clinics: The clinics offer screening, diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes and hypertension. The treatment modalities are aligned with the WHO guidelines.
  • Oral care: Launched by the Foundation in association with multiple stakeholders, this clinic treats dental caries and periodontal diseases. Additionally, counselling services for preventing and managing oral cancer are also carried out.
  • Well Baby clinics: The clinics provide solutions for the screening and management of anaemia, worm infestations, upper respiratory tract infection, vitamin deficiencies and protein-energy malnutrition.
  • Geriatric clinic: The clinic undertakes preventive and curative measures to address elderly health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Mental health

Promotion of mental health

The rapid growth in urbanization has been associated with increased mental health concerns. The fast-paced lifestyle, work-life imbalance, breakdown of support systems, and economic instability have been commonly observed primarily in the urban areas of India along with several physical and social factors that lead to the development of mental problems. Hence, the need to advocate the importance of mental health and establish sustainable models of delivering mental healthcare.

The company is sponsoring a program established with NIMHANS that includes three projects approved by the ethics committee. Within the realm of mental health in urban areas, elderly healthcare and school mental health activities are based on the concept: ‘Innovate, Integrate and Advocate for Public Mental Health.’

  • Bangalore urban mental health initiative (BUMHI): This initiative aims to develop, implement, and evaluate urban specific strategies aimed at strengthening self-care and informal community care for mental health. With a mental health resource kit containing 14 modules, this initiative elicits and documents perceptions, priorities and concerns regarding mental health, thus creating a space to spread awareness and protect mental health.
  • Community center for hearing health (C2H2): With the loss of hearing being a common concern in the elderly leading to loneliness and isolation, the program advocated a holistic approach to developing a model for community audiology for the rural community. This initiative aims to develop a screening tool to assess hearing health and understand the impact of hearing difficulties. Additionally, the initiative aims to assess the operational challenges with fitting hearing aids amongst the elderly. A soundproof audiological booth was installed at the General Hospital, Srinivasapura, Kolar.
  • School mental health: The purpose of the school health initiative is to address technology addiction and its consequences in school-age adolescents. Additionally, a teacher training module will be developed.

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