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Dedicated R&D Centres – The Next Step In The Pharma Outsourcing Model

The global life science industry is one of the most promising and challenging ones to operate. The domain is ripe for disruption; be it regarding more investments, or improving productivity, quality and efficiency of services and especially, enhancing the quality of life.

Though the industry boasts of some of the highest Research and Development (R&D) budgets, there is a constant need to improve productivity and efficiency per dollar invested. This makes for a good business case to outsource some or many elements of an R&D project, to integrated Contract Research Organisations (CRO) like Syngene International and achieve the desired results, while managing to cut down on overall costs without diluting the quality of deliverables.

Over the years, the CRO industry has played a crucial role in assisting pharma, agro, animal health, nutrition, speciality and performance chemical organisations, in their drive to bring radical solutions – products or services – to the market at significantly less cost without compromising on the quality of the output.


Over the last quarter century, since its inception, Syngene has earned the goodwill and trust of its clients from around the world.

One of its core strengths is its flexible business model that allows it to offer customized solutions to suit the requirements of its client.

Syngene’s Dedicated R&D Centre is a unique business model, through which the Company sets up dedicated ring-fenced infrastructure, with an exclusive team of scientific talent to support its client’s projects.

The distinctive feature of this model is its ability to offer complex services, at scale, that are tailor-made to the client’s specific requirements. This capability is then integrated into the clients own R&D processes, systems and culture to make it an integral part of their own R&D network.

The Dedicated Centre business model is more than merely an outsourcing of research services; it is the establishment of a more advanced partnership where Syngene works ‘with’ the client, as an extension of their internal facilities, rather than to work ‘for’ the client. The relationship goes beyond cost arbitration and R&D
productivity; it is a partnership built on the synergies and a shared vision for long-term research objectives.


One of the core benefits of Dedicated R&D Centres is that the client retains full control in the operations of the centre without having to invest considerable sums in capital costs. With the equipment and workforce management undertaken by Syngene, the client can focus on advancing their core R&D objectives, while working closely with the Dedicated Centre to further the common goals.

Syngene’s Dedicated R&D Centres focus on:

⦁ Undertaking the development of specific capabilities necessary for customized ringfenced dedicated infrastructure.

⦁ Hire and train/retrain a competent team of qualified and experienced scientists

⦁ Secure the necessary ‘license to operate’ requirements, local licenses, permits, clearances, relieving the client of having to deal with any of the operational activities

⦁ Syngene undertakes the sourcing and maintenance of essential lab equipment, ensuring complete adherence to the safety and client mandated quality controls; IT infrastructure, Finance, and EHS.

Needless to say, Syngene’s ability to get all the cogs turning in tune makes the difference.

Engagement Model:

This facility is available to clients interested in a long-term partnership — usually five years or more – and based on Full Time Equivalent (FTE) model. In this model, a predefined number of scientific personnel from predetermined disciplines, work fulltime on client projects. The deliverables and team composition evolve as the project advances. Agreements, typically, are renewed annually.


The ever-expanding relationship with our dedicated centre clients such as Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), Baxter, Herbalife and Amgen Inc. indicates the growing confidence in Syngene’s value proposition and the strong track record of delivery.

In 2018, Syngene’s Dedicated R&D Services business has seen our clients sign long-term contracts with expanded scope and deliveries capabilities. In years to come, Syngene expects Dedicated R&D Centres to encompass more giving it a competitive edge.

More than a fifth of Syngene’s workforce are deployed at the Dedicated R&D Services Centres, and we expect significant growth in the current and coming years. Syngene is clearly well poised to be a disrupter in the CRO sphere and advance R&D, for the benefit of our stakeholders and the R&D community at large.


Dr. Diprabhanu Bakshi

Associate General Manager, Strategic Alliance Management, Syngene International Ltd.

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